My week through instagram v4









I looked at a pretty night sky and ate a yummy burrito from Bandit Burrito.

I laid out the clothes I would use to style up my photoshoot for the re-vamping of my etsy shop and snuck a photo of my boyfriend playing Starcraft.

I ate sesame tofu and hot and sour soup for lunch from my parent's resturant, China Cafe and got a photo snuck of me napping!

I ate chicken fried rice and egg drop soup at China Cafe again and my mom snapped a photo of me wearing my favorite coat, which many of you have already seen.

I started to set up how I wanted my letterpress poster to look (it's an assignment in my typography class), and I chose the quote, "Design is thinking made visual" by Saul Bass. Also, I discovered this pretty poster with a gorgeous ampersand on it.

I snapped a photo of the proof press we have and my classmate gave me one of her prints that reads "Get in over your head as often and joyfully as possible".

I discover creepy things like a doll head in a skeleton hand in our drawing classroom and got my silhouettes and castle ready for a progress critique.

I wore a newly thrifted oversized polkadot sweater with a huge bun and scarf and went to Flarah's to get delicious mini cheesecase with Selma, and she got one with dark chocolate and rasberries, while I got a cookies and cream one. They were both absolutely delicious!


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How was your week?! Did you do anything fun?
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