A whole lot of floral

what i wore: Valary heels in black Suzie floral c/o Blowfish Shoes, green skirt thrifted, marroon cardigan and tan belt from Target, tea party dress c/o Francesca's Collections, hat from Forever 21, and pink cateye sunnies from Sunglass Warehouse





Wore this yesterday. Finally, my boyfriend's work schedule has changed so that he works earlier and comes home earlier, so I will be able to have a photographer again, sometimes! I'm excited, because although I take most of my outfit pictures myself, I don't wander out alone with my tripod. I'm not that brave. To those of you that are, kudos! Really! Anyways, so since the trees are blossoming like crazy due to the amazing weather we've been having, I decided I wanted some of that as the backdrop. My favorite area has not come to full bloom yet, so I will have to wait! Oh, and these floral shoes? They are called the Valarys from Blowfish Shoes. Aren't they just amazing? I'm so excited to wear them more often.

On another note, I've been gaining some weight lately, and going off and on weight watchers. I've decided that I really need to stick to it. It's worked before, it's just been difficult for me lately due to stress, lack of motivation, and lack of self-control. I'm going to go through with it though, and today will officially be the day that I start up again. Let's hope I can last a while this time and get to my goal weight. I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm just letting you all know. I am determined to follow through with this and could use some support. Also, I really want to and need to come up with a workout strategy, at home. I don't have the money to spend on a gym right now.

Anyways, any of you trying to lose some weight or get fit?! Have you tried weight watchers? What works for you?!

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