what i wore:

feather print dress from Modcloth (similar)
Emma flats c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear
dconstruct resin bracelets from DMAC gift shop (similar)

Ah, there's no better feeling than getting the chance to take some photos during the golden hour! So after today, I have survived my first week of classes! I'm glad. I feel really good about this semester. Also, this is one of my favorite dresses. I know I say that a lot, but this one seriously is! I've worn it a lot (1, 2, 3) and it is one of my go-to dresses. I guess this dress is pretty sheer though, I didn't really realize that until today in the bathroom when I could see my bra. Maybe it was a bad idea wearing a black bra underneath this dress. Oh and I'm pretty sure everyone could see my undergarments on this day (only in some light), I caught a few stares. Oh well, you live and you learn right!? I've had plenty of weird wardrobe malfunctions anyways, and this was probably the least embarrassing. One time, I walked around in public at a very crowded art festival with a skirt on that apparently had a broken zipper that was down the whole time with my top and undies peeking out. Yeah, it was pretty bad. Now, it's just a funny story.

Tell me about some of your fashion mishaps!

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