My week through instagram v8


I found these amazing turquoise moccasins while thrifing and this great geometric pillow as well!

My blog celebrated it's first birthday ever last Saturday, Decemeber 17th! There were plenty of giveaways to celebrate. Also, I created loose waves in my hair for the first time ever successfully! View the simple tutorial here, and what I wore here.

My boyfriend and I drove up to Iowa City to see his family on Sunday, and we went out for a lovely brunch at The Bluebird Cafe.

On the same day, we went on a long walk with David's mama, and Bandana (who is the sweetest ever) and then later on we went to a Christmas symphony. Check out what I wore to it here.

I got to see my wonderful friends and spend some time with them. First up is Lauren, we went thrifting and found some awesome things, then Rachel and her kitty, Oy!

I did a photoshoot (of vintage items that will be in my etsy shop soon) with Anna and Carly, and then we went out to eat at Panera, which was wonderful. Then I found a snowflake lollipop and had to have it!

Later on that day, I went to hang out with Lauren and her kitties, Dude and Magic (that's Dude up there, isn't he cute?) and we also did a nail tutorial which will be up January 1st! I bought all of my nailpolish over to her house. My collection has been growing. I need to paint my nails more often!

Next up, I finally cleaned my room and the whole basement. I couldn't stand the clutter or mess anymore. As you can see above, I'm showing a before and after of my room! You couldn't even see the floor, how embarrassing!

My brother came home for the holidays from North Carolina! I'm so excited. We're going to try to take some pictures some time before he leaves! So you all will get to meet him. Also, I finished my 3rd version of these cat pocket shorts for a custom order! If you're interested in a custom order, message me on etsy.

I got my lovely new Central flats in pewter from Blowfish Shoes in the mail! I can't wait to style them. Also, I got myself an early birthday present in the form of this awesome Breville Juicer! I used it last night and juiced: 2 apples, 2 oranges, and 1 lime. It was delicious! I can't wait to use it more, and I'm thinking about trying the Reboot Your Life Program when I get back from Florida.

PS: Happy Holidays // Merry Christmas Eve!
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