what i wore: patterned cardigan, red and white striped sweater vest, loafer moccasins, pink headscarf, and cameo ring thrifted, Makayla bag borrowed from Sienna Ray & Co, reconstructed black studded shorts made by me, tan belt and patterned black tights from Target, and dconstruct bracelets and ring from DMAC giftshop







So, do you remember how I told you I get to participate in Wanderlust by Sienna Ray & Co., here? Well, I'll remind you a little bit of what's going on. I get to spend one week with "the Makayla" a new bag in the Sienna Ray line. I spent my first day with this Makayla bag at work and later on at a party. I have also just completely fallen in love with it. The soft leather, to the beautiful muted mustard, and the studs?! You all know I am a sucker for studs. I also like it's versatility. I'll be posting more about this lovely bag for the rest of the week! Hope you enjoy!

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So, yesterday I bought a lot of new resin jewelry. I'm really excited about it! I got four bracelets and a ring. I'm building up a bracelet collection, starting now. I've always wanted to, and finally I've found a great place to start. These are so light and pretty.

What do you think about the Makayla? Would you carry it?

*NOTE - All of what is stated above is my opinion.
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